Welcome to the 19th Annual O'Banion's Reunion 2014
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It came...it was a blast and now we wait until next year!!!

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235 N. Ashland Ave.

(corner of Fulton - just north of Lake St.)



Thanks for all the fun my fellow "Geezer Punks"


As always, I want to thank all the faithful people who continue to show up year after year

and have a great time dancing, drinking, reminiscing and generally just having good clean fun.

I also want to thank all the DJ's who, each and every year, rock our socks off for 5-6 hours.

I also want to thank Suzanne Shelton for all of her hard work to help put this party on.

It could not be done without her.

Please keep thoughts of the late Roseann Kuberski, who thought of this whole thing some 19 years ago.

And remember...never stop telling all your friends about it.



The 2014 DJ's

Terry Fox 9:00p - 10:15p

Kenny Ellis 10:15p - 11:30p

Suzanne Shelton 11:30p - 12:45a

Glenn Russell 12:45a - 1:45a

Mike Rytie - 1:45a to Close

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If You Know Of More Chicago Punk Scene Links...send them to us please


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O'Banion's Photo Gallery

Good Times at O'Banion's

(Above Photos Courtesy of Ken Mierzwa)

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And After-Parties

More Photos Courtesy Marie Kanger-Born
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pix of past reunions


Past Reunion Parties

Link to Suzanne's FaceBook Photo Album of the 17th Reunion 2012 - https://www.facebook.com/suzanne/







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LeAnne DeBeauxJeff MotalewskiChuck WassustrumJohnny RamoneJoey RamoneDee Dee RamoneDanny Narducy

Carol BlankNoa BeaudreuLink WrayWendy WilliamsStiv Bators Russell


Bobby ScarpelliPat Day

Roseann Kuberski

Poly Styrene Michael Davis MC5 Lewis Floodstrand 8 1/2

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billy s Debrita

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